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How we help you own quicker?

We estimate how quickly you can own, then match you to helpful suggestions and products to reduce the time to own. Completely FREE


Your Purchase – Readiness Score

Our smart algorithm predicts how quickly you can own your home, using a proprietary Purchase-Readiness® scoring model.


Plans and Checklists

Personalised Checklist to help you build a deposit, credit score and be purchase-ready quicker. Tailored step-by-step guide at your fingertips.


Your Tailored Offers

Get matched to deals, product offers and properties tailored specifically to you; never have to search on your own again.


24-7 Digital Coach

24-7 advice from an intelligent Digital Coach, just like chatting to a friend in natural language. We know the experience of homebuying sucks so we’re inventing a new amazing buying experience. Meet Ray, your personal digital coach!

The help you need to achieve your homeownership goal QUICKER

Buying quicker not only saves you time but also £ thousands in wasted rent payments. Get step-by-step guide to help you qualify for a mortgage quicker without having to wait years. Everything all in one place and personalised to you!

One Technology, multiple uses.

Whether it’s buying your first home, paying off a mortgage or buying an investment property, our personalised digital coaching is like having a friendly professional with you 24×7. Completely free.

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